Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My original "baby" Dustin is 17 today!

Dear Dustin,

I say you are my "original" baby because you were our last, my baby, well for the first twelve years of your life that is! Until we started with the second batch! It was quite a surprise when we expanded the family, but as you well know, the littles have brought joy beyond belief to each of us, including you. Especially you. You gave up your spot as the official baby with grace, as you witnessed Donovan's birth, and held him close when he was only minutes old. You jumped right into caretaking like a little Momma Hen. Each of you older boys has a special relationship with the littles, but you have a way with them, and I love watching your special relationship with Donovan! You are the lover, the snuggler, the protector, the safety ranger. Good thing you plan to be a firefighter, as you have the carseat installation down to a science (and occasionally scold me for an improper placement of a child in the seat!) Maybe you'll be the super-cute guy at the firehouse that concerned parents bring their car to for a carseat safety check. Well Dustin, we love you bunches, and what you bring to our family, what more can a momma say? Except for this (I know YOU know where I'm headed with this!), to quote Robert Munsch, " I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be"!