Friday, April 29, 2011

It's been awhile, but I'd like you to join me in a challenge!

I'm trying to re-commit to my blog, but alas, I fear commitment because I know myself. I may not stick with it. But that's no reason not to try so here we go!

The Inspiration Behind the Challenge: There are 2 friends that I told I'd keep in close touch, even after the inital shock of their losses. I promised I would not be the one who hung around during the drama and then drifts away. I told them that even though we hadn't been in close touch until tragedy struck, I would be responsible to maintain our friendship going forward. And, I didn't, and Facebook isn't cutting it, it's a copout in this case. With all the technology of the day, its easy to see a Facebook update from someone and feel like you're in touch. You think about someone, but they don't know it, and its so easy to click the "like" button so they know you were "there". That's whats been keeping my guilt at bay, but either way I am responsible to maintain relationships that are important to me. I am sorry for dropping the ball and I am picking it up!
The Challenge:
When I committed to make it a priority to nurture these friendships (among others), I decided to ask everyone I know to join me, thus the "challenge" thing comes in to play. So, please think of a person or two you have let fall by the wayside, maybe someone who experienced a difficult loss, maybe someone you felt was trying to reach out and you didn't reach back, an old friend you bumped into a promised to call for lunch to catch up, whatever is eating at you in the friendship department, maybe even a friendship that needs a little patching up. Pick a "Due Date" to get in touch, even if you are swamped with life, a quick call just to say "I really want to catch up, I want to get lunch, or plan a time for a nice long phone chat, when can we do this?". Don't avoid the call because you don't have time to catch up right then, even if you have to say you had a quick break and wanted to call and plan to get together. Mark the date as "high priority" in your calendar, and make the call!
My Commitment:
I will be getting in touch with the two friends that were my inspiration for this post. A dear old friend who tragically lost her son a couple years ago, and another who is quickly approaching 1 year since her 12 year old daughter passed away, also suddenly and tragically. Laura and Babs, I will be calling you both by Sunday because I love you and you are important to me! If you are so inclined, post a comment committing to your call(s) and share this post with your friends!

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