Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Envelope Please........

And my guy did not win! "I will support Barack Obama with prayer and respect" (quote snatched from Lisa) But I am disappointed, and fearful about a some things.
Nevertheless, this election has been extra special for our family for a few reasons.
"Rock the Bama" - this is what Donovan our newly four year old calls our new President. Now, he only came up with it a few days ago, or I swear I would have called him myself and suggested it as the awesomest campaign slogan ever! At his young age he managed to grasp the two primary candidates names, and knew who Mommy and Daddy preferred to win. He wanted to watch last night and kept asking who was winning. He said "Next time we're voting for 'Rock the Bama', cuz I want to win!" He also asked me what a "black president" is. We've come a loooong way baby!
Which brings me to my next point of "specialness". I am proud to be an American today. History has been made with the election of Barack Obama as our President as he is an African- American man. I am thrilled to have been able witness this with each of my children.
Moving on......Devin just turned 18 in September, making this his first election! He was so excited! He wanted no part of early voting, choosing instead to brave the polls on election day to get the full experience. His guy did win and he was as thrilled as I was disappointed - and we have continued our debate to this moment!
This quote courtesy of Winston Churchill-via Nancy- struck a chord with me: "A man who is not liberal at 20 has no heart. A man who is not conservative at 30 has no mind."
Dustin spent election night at the Metallica concert, what is more American than Rock 'N Roll music? If he were old enough to vote he would have "Rock'd the Bama" too!
Danny voted but not for Obama or McCain! Clearly, at 25.5 he is somewhere along Winston Churchill's path to being just like his mother right?
So, that was election night at "Chez Lopez" (as always, pronounced "Lopay" for extra added fanciness!).

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