Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Not-Me Monday"-Take 2!

I did not hide a 2-liter bottle of coke in my closet (leftover from Devins 18th birthday party Sat. night). Partly because I don't want to share, partly because I want to sip off it right out of the bottle when I get up to pee in the night. Darnit-I've been sooo good about the pop lately as I've been losing weight!! Warm, stale pop, yuck, I would never drink that!!!!

I did NOT buy my Delaney more shoes, why would I even need to do that? That was on my list last week you say? Hmmm, typo maybe? hmmm.

I did not let Delaney nap in her high chair because she zonked in there- covered in lunch- and I didn't want to risk her waking up to get cleaned up and all. (I did recline her, and snuggle her up though!) Nope, not me-I would never be so lazy.

Your turn! Please post a comment about what you did NOT do! Have a blog? Post it there! Also, if you want to read a whole lotta fun "not-me's" click the orange button on the right to see what MckMama's followers did NOT do last week! Have fun!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Controlling people with food.

A family that cooks together, well, gets a little chunky together. I also know that I can manipulate the busy pre-occupied masses (teenagers) to hangin' out with me while waiting for something gooey to come out of the oven or off the stove! So-Friday night we made a yummy peach cobbler! I missed peach season as far as freezing some to have over the winter. This cobbler was made with fresh peaches though-well they were fresh before they got trapped in that big 'ol can and shipped to the store-for me to buy and make THIS yummy treat! I don't know when my family got hooked on this dessert, but it is definitely our favorite non-chocolate treat!

.............The Dry Stuff..................................... TheWet Stuff .........

........Before the Oven .......................................After the Oven!!! ....


I don't eat mine with ice cream, just pour on a little milk or cream and sprinkle some sugar on there-mmmmmmmm tasty!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me Monday! Take 1

I have been following MckMama's blog for sometime now. Read up on her amazing journey-be careful-its addiciting! Anyway, she began sharing her "not-me's" and has decided to make a weekly event of it. She has challenged her followers to do the same! But what is a "not-me" you ask? Well, here a some examples, (I say examples, because I would not do these things, not me!!):
"I did NOT buy my daughter another pair of shoes (which of course I did not!) then realize she needed an outfit to match, which I did NOT seek out and purchase".
"I did not hide the pants my son wanted to wear to the homecoming dance so he would have to wear the ones I like better", nope, never, not me.
"When my husband said he was taking the kids to the rec. center, then grocery shopping, then to get a new tire on my car tomorrow so I could get caught up on work, I did not time how long it would take and think of what fun thing I could do during that time. I would not do that. Ever."
Yep-things like that, that's what I'll be posting about on "Not Me Monday", but its Sunday, so those don't count-nope-they don't!
So, if you're so inclined, join in the "Not Me Monday" carnival by clicking the orange button to the right to read everyones "not-me's", maybe you'll even decide to join in the fun and play by leaving your own "not-me's" here in my comment section! Unless you don't have any "not me-s", nope, never, not YOU!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweet 18-Dear Devin,

18 years and about 3 hours ago were blessed with YOU!!! It was a warm late-summer day, much like today. I just am so very proud to be your Momma. You make me smile everyday! Your strong moral fiber, your heart of gold, your gentle old soul and your utter desire to embrace every single minute of every single day, these are things I just LOVE about you. Oh and you're pretty stinkin' handsome too! I love being your Momma and just can't wait to see what becomes of you as an adult (I just know it won't be anything any of us will ever guess!). At the same time, I just want you to be my little Devin forever and ever. You have been a joy a of a boy to raise, you are a wondeful son and brother and friend! And seeing you with your little brother and sister, you are gonna be a wonderful Daddy one day! I love you Devin!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Friend in LA - Ann Taylor

I was sharing this funny little story with a friend today and decided I'd share here too! Anyone woman with a man in her life will appreciate it! A few years back my sister and I were producing an event in LA and I had to go out and book the space and taste the menu with our client. I certainly could not do that in my Denver clothes, right? So, the night before I left, I went shopping, in Denver. Nevermind that at that time I was staying thin and rewarding myself by shopping, errrr.....spending. A lot. I was spending money I really should not have been at that time, but thats another story for another day. I already had plenty of things to wear, but this was special and important. Ah yes, special AND important! And these clients, they were gonna be dressed to the nines!
So there I went to Ann Taylor, found myself a nice black suit, a girl can never have too many right? I hadn't ever tried the shoes there, which was, well, just wrong. Over the years I'd trusted Ann with businesswear, casualwear, outerwear, the occasional accessory, it was only right that I give her a chance to style my feet! And, the gal was so nice to get them for me to see how the suit looked with proper footwear and all, I could hardly NOT get them too.
We ran into a small snafu with the jacket size. They didn't have it! It was too late to get to another store(they offered to track one down)! I told them I had to catch a plane to LA at 8 the next morning. No problem, where are you going, we'll call a store there. So, while I went and plopped down a few more bucks on stuff that was not on my list, they called around and the store at Beverly Center had my stuff! All of it, in my size! They had me pay locally and promised to have my outfit pressed and ready to wear at the store the following morning in Beverly Hills.
I pretended to expect such service, but still said thank you a gazilion times, that was truly above and beyond. Not to mention, I felt pretty darn special, maybe because I was headed to Hollywood. Hmm, I will have to re-think this story with Muskogee as my destination and see how it feels. Um, no been there-loved it- felt pretty special- but that's because our son was playing in nationals for baseball. Hmmm, Timbuktu, nope, definitely not feelin' the love. Yep, it was the Hollywood thing. And that service-it was the golden ticket-think American Idol-I was goin' to Hollywood and I had people there already takin' care of me!
Anyway, I got checked in to my hotel and headed to the mall. I introduced myself to the gal at the counter who told me the fitting room on the right was all ready for me, and did I need hose or anything else? She also neatly bagged the clothes I showed up in. And, she was genuinely happy to have helped. Heres the funny part-she'd called my hotel-and our house and left messages. This is so and so...Ann Taylor, your outfit is ready to go... come on over...... so, my husband calls my cell phone and leaves this message, " Honey, I didn't know you were going to get to see a friend while you're there? That will be nice. She ironed your clothes and everything, did you forget your outfit or something? It's Ann Taylor? Her number is on the caller ID, call me if you need it. Bye."
Is that the cutest husband story ever?
PS-the clients, after all my worry about them being dressed to "the nines" they weren't. At all. I mean, compared to what I'd envisioned. And I am pretty sure they did not even care about my new shoes, or suit, or blouse. Wait, maybe they did, and they just were playing it off like they weren't hangin' with a fancy party planner from Denver-thats it! Well, at the tasting, they did ask for "more fried appetizers on the menu please" (in LA-really??!!). Yea, they didn't care about my new get up. They were very nice genuine people. The kind that would have liked me even in my airplane clothes. But I really wanted to play fancy business lady that day, (or at least fancy for off the rack , I know I wasn't wearing Gucci or Prada!)!! I really liked that outfit, I still have it. And one day, I will get it up over my thighs again!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Trail Dust

Steak House. The little kids had a ball, the food, not so good. But since I really despise video games and the background noise, I far preferred it to Chuck-E- Cheese when it comes to family friendly un-fine dining! And hey, where else can you go where the table comes pre-set with a roll of paper towels-a mom (that knows my kids) MUST have invented the place! The joint is noisy with sort of southern rock and country-ish music, a live band actually. A little bit of line dancing, I don't do it, unless of course its the Electric Slide, and if you know me you know the only music I do NOT like is country. Delaney and I twirled a bit on the dance floor and then we could not get her off the BIG attraction of the place a HUGE 2 story shiny silver slide that ends up just on the side of the dance floor! I took her once, and then just let her go. She was really too little but she is relentless, and pretty tough. Guess thats what happens when you have four brothers! Daddy waivers from wanting to protect his only baby girl to puffing up his chest at how tough she is! She didn't often end up on her butt, but, she always went back for more, and never shed a tear! Donovan slid, slud, slided - grammar peeps-help me here, what IS the past tense for slide anyway?-until he about fell asleep going up the stairs for another trip! How did we end up at such a place on a three day weekend? Well, we were headed to the amusement park and it started raining, it was our very impromptu plan "B"! The big boys, again, were too busy to hang with the fam, I am working on that. They are pretty darn good for teenagers as far as spending plenty of time with us, but going places, I think they fear they are going to be trapped in kiddie land for weeks any time they step into the horror of the minivan with all of us! Hmmm, had they known we'd end up at a place that had all-you-can-eat ribs on Sunday, they would have been there like THAT!
TO THE LEFT: Superstar!!! Think-Mary Catherine Gallagher, well, the pose, right! And can you spot Delaney, halfway up the stairs over there!

BELOW: Anything they can do-I can do too!!