Friday, October 31, 2008

An International Coincidence Of Monumental Proportions - PART 2!

This is a self-contained story, but you may want to read PART 1 first ( a post or so ago)!

This is Emilie! She is a very good friend of Devins (see next photo). They met in this past summer in Japan. (Devin spent two weeks there with his cousin and a tour group). Emilie was there visiting her dad who works in Japan.
When Devin jumped in the van at the airport when he got back from said trip to Japan he was jet-lagged and not really in the mood to play "twenty questions" with his mother, but he did give me the camera so I could flip through the photos at least. "Oh"-he says "I met this girl from Fort Collins there." He showed me her picture, she's a cutie for sure, "Yeah" he mumbled. They met at "USJ" (cool Japanese lingo for Universal Studios-Japan!!), hung out for a bit, that was that. How crazy is it that a week later they happened to met up again waaaaaaaaay on the other end of town? This time at a shopping place where they spent more time together, before promising to "keep in touch" when they got home.
On this same ride home from the airport I told Devin about my old school buddy (Judy) who had lived in Japan for years because of her husbands career, but had moved back here just last year, to Fort Collins. She has two kids, one being a teenage daughter. I grilled Devin for more scoop on Emilie, but got a TON of, "MOM!-there are tons of Americans that travel to Japan........besides, Emilie didn't live there very long. OK, OK.
A week or so later I e-mailed Judy, reminding her that we had promised to keep in touch back in February (after meeting up on We'd exchanged a few e-mails at the time, and were headed for "lost touch". I had been thinking about her because she'd lived in Japan and Devin had just been there. I mentioned that Dev had met a girl from Fort Collins.

Fast from forward a day-I get an e-mail from Judy asking if Devin is my son?!!! Her daughter met a boy from Lakewood in Japan this summer! WHAT?????!! Are you kidding me?? Um, yes, I answered, is Emilie your daughter? I try to double confirm by giving Judy the cell phone number Devin collected from Emilie and her friend. Yes, Emilie is my friend Judy's daughter who totally randomly met my son in Japan, not once, but TWICE!!! Thats what gives this story "ICMP" status! Is that nuts or what? This could have been settled in Japan had Judy been super nosy like me! Turns out she met Devin too, and knew he went to Lakewood High, Heeeelllooooooo-you went there too!!! Had she mentioned that, he would have said "Yeah, so did my mom" and we'd have known this crazy news in Japan! Ahhh, but this way was MUCH more exciting!
What really makes my little arm hairs stand on end is the thought that Judy and I had JUST re-connected in February! We graduated 25 years ago, add a couple years to that since the last time we had a real conversation. I mean what if we hadn't? I suppose our kids still would have met and we'd have figured this out later. But really, 300+ months with no contact, and we get in touch within 4 months of our kids meeting? On the other side of the globe? They stumble upon eachother TWICE, in a very big busy populated place, where Judy said its not always easy to meet someone you are intending to meet! And, they have become friends-real true bonafide close friends. I mean how many of those does a person even get in their lifetime, muchless for one of them to be the daughter of your moms junior high best friend, that you met-in Japan! As for Judy and I - we have not really gotten to know eachother again, we just sort, of are still friends, with a 300+ plus month gap to fill in! How many people were you friends with at age fourteen that you actually could be friends with today? Well, we are lucky, Judy and I, and I don't think we'll be losing touch anytime soon! It's just nuts, I love her and we keep in touch often! So- to sum up my novella-Devin went to Japan, and "bumped in" to my old school buddy and her daughter, and they are now friends-I don't know for certain, but I AM pretty sure that an International Coincidence of Monumental Proportions! I wanna call the today show. Or maybe the Enquirer, that lady that gave birth to an alligator, pffft, she got nothin' on me!
PS: Actually-I think I DO know for certain, this IS the ICMP!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An International Coincidence of Monumental Proportions! PART 1

Hang with me here peeps, its been awhile since I've been inspired to share a looong story, but you'll LOVE it! And when you think you know where it's headed, think again!

OK, see this cute little high school cheerleader? Yup, that was my BFF, Judy, in high school. She was my BFF back in middle school, when "middle school" was "junior high" and "BFF's" were just "best friends". There we actually four of us. We drifted apart in HS, no bad blood, just that damn cheerleading skirt took her in directions that my lack of one could, well, not take me. **disclaimer for my sweet Judy- she did not ditch non-cheerleaders-we just did not do the same things, so we no longer shared the same group of buddies!** But I'm over it - the not getting picked thing-really. Over the fact that my younger sister got one(cheerleading skirt) too, despite the fact that I also tried out. Despite the fact that I made up the very routine my sister used for her try out. That alone made me a good cheerleader -right? But the skirt eluded me and I am really OK with that. I am.
Well, at least I think I got OK about 6 years ago when my niece let Devin borrow her teensy cheerleader outfit for Halloween anyway. I tried it on and fit into it, without squeezing, I just zipped it right, up, kinda like it was made for me, spooky actually! It wasn't orange and black in true Lakewood Tiger spirit or anything, but it was Halloween (which is orange and black and spooky)!! Yeaaa, that felt good. Not sayin' I looked like all that, but after 3 kids I fit into it, and dear sis, and Miss Judy, I am pretty sure would not have, just sayin'. **another disclaimer-that was 6 years ago, and definitely would NOT fly today!**
So there, I am all better, and Judy is now a Licensed School Social Worker ( and the sweetest thing ever!) living in Fort Collins - Yeeeaaa, social work that little ditty(story up there) missy!
On the subject of Social Workers-We used to spend TONS of time in Ms. Gilmores office crying about random stuff. We all felt so important and validated when we'd get called out of class to her office to share our innermost "issues", back when "issues", were just part of growing up. I know Judy, I know, it's real, it's serious, don't slap me, but we didn't have that many problems, did we?!
OK, so I got a tiny bit carried away with my mini-self therapy session, so I will have to have a part two to my international coincidence. Stay tuned for tomorrow's fascinating conclusion when we go inter-continental, bi-coastal, multi-generational, whatever, you get my point! Oh, did I mention Judy and I had not been in contact since high school, (and that was very little) until last February, (and that was very little) until June for the ICMP?

Welcome MckMuffin!!!

Doesn't get better than this!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One MckMuffin-Comin Right up!

My post today is to ask for thoughts and prayers for Mckmama and her family-Stellan will be here tomorrow! To see her wonderful story of family and faith, please click here. That is the story that insipred me to get off my butt and finally start my blog (see here)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday- Take 5

  • I did NOT drive around waaaaaaaaay too long with the gas light on with the littles in my car out of sheer laziness. Really, what kind of irresponsible mother would do that? Only one with a stroller in the back of her van with way too much experience running out of gas. In her very VERY distant past of course.
  • And if per chance one of my teenagers left the computer on and I happened to catch a little myspace action, which I did NOT, well, need I say more, no, because, there really is nothing more to say-right? right. Thats what I'm' sayin'. Or not.
  • I did NOT let Donovan prepare his very own lunch for pre-school one day last week, AND fail to check if even one food group other than the cookie group was in there. Good thing I am pretty mean in the junk food department. Whatever he made, his cute little bento box lunch thingy was empty when I picked him up!

Your Turn!!! What did you NOT do last week? Leave me a comment and check out MckMamas Blog-the orange button on the right to see what her followers did not do!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Me Monday - Take 4

I did NOT lose my daughter in my favorite chinese restaurant while dining on Sesame Chicken, Scallion Pancakes and Kung Pao Beef with my old buddies-the Paolicelli's. What the heck kind of of Mommy would do that? In my defense, hubby and the four big brothers were there too!

Oh, and that was certainly not ME picking up Donovan at pre-school in a baseball cap and workout clothes to appear to have been to the gym because I had not showered. What kind of dirty mommy would do THAT??? I mean, in the time it took me to dig out those rarely used pants, I could have actually have taken a shower, but I would have had to dry my hair, and ugh, the whole routine. I am lazy.

I did not actually feel my shoulders get all perky-like when Donovan already knew how to count in spanish at his first spanish class last week. I tried to contain them, my shoulders that is, but I was proud of the little guy. The big boys have been counting to him in spanish for ages, but I didn't realize he'd know to belt it out, very loudly right there in class, at just the right moment! They're!!!!!

OK your turn, what did you NOT do last week? Spill the beans by leaving me a comment, also post it on your blog and favorite forums for all the world to see!!!!! If you'd like you can click on the orange button to the right to see what MckMama's followers have NOT done!

This week I am going to be posting about:
A great Sunday with ALL my kids
The 3 P's
I say this to commit myself to posting, see, I have issues - if I don't commit in some fashion, stuff doesn't get done!! And I love my little blog, why should it not make the "A" list?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me Monday-Take 3!

When I called the pediatrician's office to see if they are having kids come in for these lingering fall colds, I did NOT hope (just a teensy bit!) that they'd say yes, so I could the the SUPER cute doc! What kind of mother would do that anyway?

I did not eavesdrop on a conversation between two other mommies at pre-school pick-up the other day, while they gossiped about another mommy. That would be rude. right? right? right.

I did not just notice that I have not posted a picture of Dustin on my blog, only a horrifc mother would NOT do that. He has not had anything much going on accept homecoming (which by the way his girlfriend is sending me pics so I can write a post on it!). My plan was to introduce them as they have something fun, or on their birthdays as my new blog evolves. I love you buggy-I do!

Please post a comment sharing what you did NOT do last week! And if you care to see, check out the orange link to see what MckMama's followers did not to either!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Senior Pictures-Devin-Already!What Can I Say?

There are no words (so for the moment I am reflecting, and a bit weepy!) for now I will direct you to Courtney's Blog "The Lamb Photo", there is a link as it is one I follow - down below over there, to the right, see it? She has a few of Devin up there! She has added some others since Devin, so you have to scroll down a ways to where it says "for Susan"! Courtney, you are the best-thanks for sharing your gift!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tot Couture

Well this is Delaney in her new little dress with her cute little shoes! I took this out back by the gazebo. OK, so I am also offering up close-ups of the shoes, sleeve detail, fabric, and the ensemble without her in it. Because it is SO darn cute, and I am an awful photographer and I really want you guys to be be able to see the cuteness! Isn't she a honey? Can't wait for her to have enough hair to at least stick a bow in it! My sister has invented some kind of gadget that will supposedly allow her to wear bows without them falling out of her 3/4" long "baby" fine hair, hope to try that soon-hint hint Aunt Diane!!!
This sweet little girl is such a girl (when she's not acting like a boy!)! She LOVE's her clothes, her shoes, her closet, anything with a handle goes RIGHT over her shoulder like a purse, even a bucket of sand! She fluffs her dresses, sifts through her socks, she is the sweetest stinkin' thing!