Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday - TAKE 6!

I did not do a "safety check" on my kids candy, which included removing all Almond Joy, Snickers and Kit Kats. I mean its for the children right?

I did not forget to feed the littles anything (but a few snacks) between breakfast and dinner one day because we were too busy messing around (them included). I mean, they didn't act hungry, crabby or ask for anything!

I absolutely DID NOT obsess about MckMama a TON while I should have been working early last week! Wait, thats not a confession, that was OK right? I mean how often does one witness a story like that? And I KNOW I wasn't alone!

OK peeps - spill it!! What did you NOT do last week? Check out MckMamas blog to see what her followers did not do. Though, I am not sure she did "NMM" this week since she just gave birth!


  1. Of course the safety check is for the children. Isn't that what every good mother in America was doing this week? As I am typing this, I am ensuring that my own children are not harmed by any strange sweets by consuming them myself. LOL! That is just the type of Mom I am...willing to sacrifice herself for the good of her children.

    Love your Not-Me's. Thanks for your post.

  2. I'll admit it....I did a "safety check" too. You gotta watch those baby ruths. You DO NOT want those going to the wrong person. And the almond joys, and the snickers, and the mounds.....